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Bushfire Protection

Xtreme Bushfire Windows & Doors

The dangers of our hot, dry Australian summer are all too familiar during bushfire season. Many homes destroyed in bushfires survive the passing of the initial fire front only to succumb to embers and debris borne on the wind. This is why Trend® has developed the Xtreme® bushfire protection range of windows and doors.

Why choose Xtreme bushfire protection?

We take our top quality Trend® product ranges a step further changing the design to protect Australian homes against the extremes of  nature. Trends Xtreme® window system helps prevent internal ignition of houses and possible loss of life and property. Trend is the first Australian window manufacturer to have products tested by the CSIRO to withstand temperatures up to 40kWm2 (BAL-40) of heat flux.

Xtreme® Bushfire Protection Windows and Doors are compliant to Section 8 Construction Service Bushfire Attack Level 40 (BAL-40),  Radiant Heat Level 40kW/m2, AS3959-2009 & AS1530.8.1. They are also fully compliant to Australian Standards AS2047. For full details of Standards requirements for individual products please refer to High Tech Green Energy Sdn Bhd. For custom made sizes, and  any further information on Xtreme® simply contact High Tech Green Energy Sdn Bhd and speak with one of our friendly sales consultants.

It’s a hard world out there – use Xtreme to help your home tough it out.

Bushfire CRC Report – Windows & Glazing

What makes Xtreme® stand out from the rest?


  • Pyro-Protec seals and sealing system, act to protect the home against wind, water, noise, dust and bushfire penetration.


  • All Xtreme® products are glazed with Grade A safety glass.
  • Windows are manufactured with 5mm toughened glass as standard.
  • Doors are manufactured with 6mm toughened glass as standard.


  • Xtreme® windows require screens, a preventative barrier to stop embers entering the home.
  • Made from stainless steel to help withstand high reaching temperatures.
  • Corrosion- resistant against environmental impacts.
  • Doors meet BAL-40 without screens.
Xtreme BAL-40 Range/Size Configurations
The following Synergy & Quantum product are available in  Xtreme Bushfire Protection range.
Note: Custom sizes are available upon request

Bushfire Protection


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