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Glazing Options

Glazing also referred to as glass plays a major part in the impact on energy efficiency of the building envelope.

Glass windows and doors can account for more heat gain or heat loss in a typical building than any other element that makes up the building envelope.

For example, in the summer months heat gain through an unshaded window can be 100 times greater than through the same area of an insulated wall, and in winter the heat loss through a glass window can be ten times more than the the same area of the insulated wall.

Therefore, glazing is a key element of your building’s design, because it provides light, ventilation, security and noise control.

Remember you can still have large areas of glazing to enhance the look and style of your home, let in the light, provide the views and let the outside inside by selecting the right type of glass window and door systems.

Trend’s Glazing Options

Trend offer a wide range of glazing options for ALL our windows and doors ranges.

Trend Thermashield

Trend Thermashield means greater control and bigger savings

The only thing predictable about the weather is that it can and will exert an impact on your comfort and lifestyle. When it comes to battling the weather, double glazing and low-e glass is energy efficient as well as cost effective.

When it comes to reducing carbon footprints and helping create a better environment, you cannot go past Trend Windows & Doors Thermashield.

Windows and doors that utilise the technologically advanced properties of Thermashield are a more efficient method of protection from the weather. Thermashield also makes it easy for you to evaluate the level of protection you require for each specific window and door.

Remember, glazing impacts on a building through its thermal performance whether it is through the size and location of windows, the type of shading surrounding the building or the types of glazing units used in the building.  Trend Thermashield offers a variety of energy efficient glazing options to suit specific climate requirements to improve the thermal performance of your home.

Other Glazing Options

Some of he options available are tinted, low-e, double glazed, Smart Glass glass, Obscure glass options – just to name a few.

We suggest you check out the Viridian brochure [PDF : 1Mb] for more information on glass.

You may require energy efficiency glass or acoustic glass solutions for your project.

Viridian Acoustic Energy Chart [PDF : 79Kb]

Viridian Acoustic Chart – Noise [PDF : 126Kb]

or visit the Viridian Glass website to view additional information on glazing options available.

For further information contact your nearest Trend Sales Office to discuss the glazing options available on offer.

When planning to build or renovate, the following is a guideline of what to consider:

  • The style and layout of the building, the building design
  • Types of building materials
    e.g. insulation, building exterior, double brick
  • Thermal properties of the glass you are putting into the building
    e.g. double glazed unit, low-e, tinted glass – energy ratings and performance – WERS ratings

The best way to accurately access the impact of glazing as part of your building’s thermal performance is get an Accredited Assessor to access the building. The Accredited Accessor uses specially designed computer software program to calculate the buildings energy gains and losses and gives you what type of glass is required.

The software assessment of the building’s thermal performance is governed by the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS).

Trend Ovolo Glazing Bar – Aluminium

Traditional look with today’s technology

Recreate the look of yesteryear’s traditional timber windows and doors engineered with the strength, durability and security of aluminium.

Used in conjunction with superb glazing, colour and texture the options and looks are limitless.

Trends specialised Ovolo system of glazing aluminium windows and doors, features individual panes of glass fixed with aluminium internal and external glazing bar profiles modelled on traditional timber. Federation or Colonial style windows and doors can therefore be created in strong slim aluminium.

Trend Ovolo Individual Glazing Systems are available as regular and wide styled double hung, awning and casement windows as well as sliding and hinged doors.

Your Trend representative will be happy to advise you on how the Ovolo system can work for you.

Glass Cleaning

How to clean Glass (extract from Viridian Glass website) [PDF : 47Kb]

How to clean ComfortPlus Glass (extract from Viridian Glass website) [PDF : 48Kb]

Glazing Code AS1288-2006 Regulations

Find out more abut the Glazing Code changes

Glazing Code AS1288-2006 regulations [PDF : 344Kb]

Glass Glazing

Chart of Glazing options available to suit Energy Ratings & Acoustic requirements

Viridian New World Glass Brochure (formerly Pilkington Glass)

Visit SeeBeyond Windows to learn more about what windows and glass can do to create a beautiful, light filled and energy efficient home. Then talk to us about your home’s window needs

Visit SeeBeyond Windows website


Viridian New World Glass website about their range of glazing options



Viridian SmartGlass Energy Efficient Glass


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